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App doesn't open win 10
Just No. I'm a computer engineer, Microsoft Engineer Instructor, etc., my pedigree is TIGHT! Something fundamental changed about the app because it will not run on ANY of my Windows PCs. In fact NOTHING has changed about the PCs or their security, integrity, etc...
Therefore, for you true 'geeks' out there, it is a simple axiom that if nothing changes, then behavior cannot change. In this case, behavior has changed OUTSIDE of the realm of the 'LOCAL WORKSTATION' (or 'PC')!
Nothing is wrong with our computers!
However, Jamkazam will eventually resolve this; just be patient and stay tuned, I'm sure they are aware of it and are working through the difficulty. (My guess is that the necessary connections to the 'call home' servers have been seriously damaged or perhaps completely disabled. This can happen as they periodically update/maintain servers.) In a way, this is a 'good' sign. The non-profit developers and supporters continue to try new things to get this working for all of us! They get paid from a 'GoFundMe' account, (maybe we should give them a raise?!?), so... If you're a savant Internet/Server/Developer/SUPER-MUSIC-DIGITAL-TECHOLOGY-TYPE, then HELP them! If not, again, just be patient! (Wash your car, do your laundry, start-edit-finish your holiday gift list, make contacts for upcoming gigs, try a new recipe, maintain your instrument, start/edit/finish a new recording project... there are only a GAZILLION THINGS ON YOUR TO-DO LIST THAT HAVE BEEN THERE FOR MONTHS!)
Git 'er DONE!
For the developers...
When it works, it's just freakin' AMAZING!
(As a computer scientist with massive network engineering experience, I can tell you that this should NEVER work! yet... here it is!)

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