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Collection, concentration - to be deleted
Initially just for collection, forming, concentration, organizing and so.

And initially to be deleted when finish to broader publi$ng or used in another way.

01. Servers mixing of recording
02. Web links to recordings
03. "Bio" in profil can contain maximum 4000 characters
04. Recording, in general
05. Latency - a1) gear, a2) internet, a3) TOTAL. b) distance c)
06. Screen sharing
07. Video
08, Network, router, wireless a)
09. Scheduled sessions
10. Sessions - max 8? (4 video) - a) invitation - POWER MIXER - MASTER MIXER - DOC-SHARING - CHAT - OPEN RECORDING -
11. Audio and video transmission - audio and video is going directly from person to person. peer-to-peer, P2P
12. Messages, notifications - a)


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I will fill this very post gradually - add points, very short
Hans, thank you for your post.

I'm not sure if this is the place for these questions but I am going to take a chance and ask them here. Please forgive me if this is inappropriate in any way and, if so, I ask your suggestions on how to proceed. I am new here but have done some searching and reading in the forum and am just trying to understand a little better for the purpose of establi$ng JamKazam sessions that work well.

First, just to have a layman's understanding of P2P and how it works with JK, is it accurate to say JK works thus:

(Download and install JK software (client). Sign up and sign on. Configure.)

• Now, when looking at the JK home screen, you're communicating with their servers, in Texas, I believe.
• Then, say, in a basic example, you do a "find session" and join a session with just one JK user.
• The JK servers facilitate the establishment of the session and then drop out. You're now in a one-on-one P2P session with that other JK user. The JK client software on each computer "guide" the session.
• When you leave the session the JK client knows how to re-establish your connection to the JK servers in Texas and you're back looking at their home page.

Does this sound generally right? If so, then any tweaking done to the gear/settings on both ends of this two-peer session, once it's active, does not involve JK in Texas? Just curious.

On your post it looks like in the future you may be fle$ng out some of these topics: latency, screen sharing/video, network/router/wireless. I'll be interested to read that. Some questions, in no particular order: (sorry)

• Why is it important to have an external audio interface? And is it crucial they use the ASIO drivers?
• Does video soak up enough bandwidth to degrade sound performance? And if so, should it be discontinued if there are performance problems?
• I've read the setting for frame size should be as small as possible, 1 or 2.5, and the "maximum outgoing music bitrate" should be 128 kbit/sec, but when I set it there I get excessive crackling. Sometimes even higher numbers get some crackling. Yet, in some sessions, the sound is crystal clear, regardless of those settings!
• When I change frame size when in a session, am I changing the ASIO buffer size my audio interface is using? Maybe a dumb question.

I have more questions, and I'll try to organize them a little better, but I'll stop here. Again, thank you for all the insight you can provide to help make using JamKazam a fun experience.

My config: PreSonus Studio68c / Windows 10 / Dell XPS I7 4 quad. Just installed the latest JK update 1.0.3698

It is okay with whatever

I made this post mostly for my self, so to speak.

So I could organize and so.

And the same time people could follow the work - and contribute with inputs.

It is in the first place not meant to have long explanation about this and that.

But of course you are welcome with whatever you like.

Now to your case:

Yes, it is Texas. And it is Austin.

And I think that all four (there should be 4!?) servers are placed there.

Not "drop out" totally - after the session is started. The text for example in session chat is going though the server(s), I think

I will return later about the rest - thanks for now

NB: Some of your questions you should be able to find decent answers to - elsewhere in the forum, Search and so
I will jump a little - and then return to the previous parts, I hope

You are right "it looks like in the future you may be fle$ng out some of these topics: latency ...)

It surely looks like that.

But now I am not really sure I can do it - on my own.

It is not absolutelly important to have a external audio interface, so to speak.

In fact is the internal system better in principal (read about that elsewhere in forum, it is very interesting - I will likely provide a link to the relevant place, if I can find it, hm) It has something to do with another system than the modern way to do it. I think it was PCI instead of USB. In fact I can not find that post - maybe later.

But in most cases the external system is better than most modern internal in praxis.

There is no problem in using video - provided all in session has good connections.

"TEST NETWORK tell about the quality and quantity of the internet connection.
For example how may particitants the connection can support in a session; audio and video.

When I did TEST NETWORK - when it work - my connection could support 8 in a session + 3 or 4 of them with video

Some connections can only support for example 3 with 1 video

I have never heard about a connection that can support more than 8."

From: https://forum.jamkazam.com/showthread.php?tid=284

The conclusion must be: Dont use more than 3-4 video in session - and if problem shut off the video

"Frame size" and so I may come back to - but I dont know much about that

By the way: I will not delete this post - now you have wrote here.

Even if it might be better in the long run

Maybe you will find this interesting . it surely is:

A Guide to Online Sessions Using JamKazam

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