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Preliminary list of errors, malfunctioning + future?
Preliminary list of errors, malfunctioning + future?

1. Failing mixes, of recordings by the server
2. Partly failing recordings links
3. Test network broken, partly at least???
4. Discarding a recording dont work properly
5. Avatar image upload broken

ad 1: no info - partly fixet
ad 2: no info
ad 3: info
ad 4: no info
ad 5: info




"The JamKazam team has been expanding functionality due to the recent demand, planning a feature for remote bands to live-stream their performance to a webpage and sell tickets via online retailers."


Then there is some other plans - if I remember right. More to come.

[Hm! When or if this list is complete, then it is impossible to change the headline. I will let it be]

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