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can't play JamTracks or Audio Files
Hi all,
JamKazam was working fine for me in all cases, but since yesterday i can't play JamTracks or audio files in the session window.

the little window with the track name etc. appears, but when i click on play i can only hear the counter run for two bars, then it stops and the little marker jumps for and backwards.

Audi Files (wav):
same as above, sometimes i hear a steady noise instead of music.

Recorded files are playing correctly, also i can use the build in metronom.

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
I have this idea that I will look at it at once.

Very important!

I personally dont care much about JamTracks - but it shall work of course.

I can not test JamTracks - since I have none. And that will continue - for the time being.

Audio files is much more important.

You will likely get some answer within 30 minutes

I have no problems with opening and playing files.

I just opened a random wav file from a JamKazam recording.

It played well - and all was good.
Hi Hans,

playing recorded JamKazam Audio "Open: Recording" is not the problem because this works for me too.

But "Open: Audio File" didn't work. I hear nothing or a horrible sinus tone. The .wav files are ok, i used them in JamKazam a couple of days.

I think now maybe it's not a JamKazam problem. Cubase, Band in a Box and VLC player etc. are working well like before.

By the way, the JamTracks are very good. You can get one for free.
Yes, I know "playing recorded JamKazam Audio "Open: Recording" is not the problem" for you

In fact you wrote in the first post "Recorded files are playing correctly".

So ...

Yes, I think too that maybe it's not a JamKazam problem.

I know about JamTracks and one for free - in a limited periode, will say. Not forever.

It is very annoying when open and playing audio files is not working.

Good luck - I hope you fix it
Hi all,
I solved my problem with a fresh install of JamKazam. I did this two or three times before but today i deleted every JamKazam folder i found and also in User/.../Appdata/Roaming.
After new install and resart of Win the audio files are now playing like before.
Thanks anyway

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