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Linux Client
Just wondering if we'll get a Linux client?
(03-30-2020, 04:21 AM)alexplima Wrote: Just wondering if we'll get a Linux client?

Yes, wondering the same
Same here, running Arch Linux and Gnome 3.36 (latest).
In 2016 JamKazam annonced a Linux version to come.

I think, it will come - without no reason, other than pure logic.

But when?
Hrm, I wonder if there is an unreleased alpha then. I'd be willing to test and give helpful QA feedback on it.

I'll have to figure out how to put my Win 10 license/install back on this machine to test this I suppose.

I was/still am encouraged by the fact that they have Tux on the download page > https://www.jamkazam.com/downloads

We will have a Linux client - at this point, two months or so seems likely estimate. It may not have video support at the start but it will have audio streaming.
Awesome news! About 10-15 of us here in the Portland area used to have weekly jams and we are itching to try and figure out how to do this again. Most have Windows or Mac but I left that world long ago, and I can make it happen in the meantime, but yeah, switching back and forth and dual booting is not ideal for me.

Let me know if I can do anything to help you along with the Linux client. I am a software engineer in my day job and may have some skills that could help, at least give decent testing feedback.


Also, I think launching the Linux client without video would be a great MVP milestone.

There are many places named Portland in USA - 22?
Wow, had no idea there were 22, I thought there was just 2, Portland Oregon and Portland Maine.

Our group is in Portland Oregon.

And I realize we can't do one with all of us, and looks like 4-6 is a nice number for a good user experience.
When I did the TEST NETWORK long time ago, the message was that my connection could support 8 participants.

3 or 4 with video.

And my impression is that it is correct.

Still - and due to the devolopment of the internet it can not be worse now, I think, only better.

If you have good connection in your Portland, you should be able to do the same.

8 people in a session - without any technical problems with latency, nasty crackling and so.

Of course provided that all 8 have such good connections. And that you are relatively close to each other.

Of course I am located in Scandinavia with relatively very good connections - all over the place, excluded some distant areas.

But in your Portland the connections maybe are not that good.

I will investigate that - I am very curious

Notice by the way that having the same internet provider usually gives better connection, lower latency and so

Maybe you will find this useful

Latency, mostly TOTAL LATENCY


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