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how to record myself with tracks using device mic
I just want to know how to record using my MacBook microphone. Have spent HOURS today. I do not have an interface and the video says you can do it without one but there is NOTHING explaining how to do that. How can I record myself with a JamTrack using the MacBook mic???
You have an interface - it is the internal type.

And the MacBook microphone belongs to that internal interface.

So just use that interface and microphone when configurating JamKazam.

I can see no problem.

Then you can record all sound coming through the mic,

And record while playing JamTracks, I assume. I have never tried that.

But you can record while playing audio files from your hard drive.

You can not record while playing recordings.

Good luck!
Thanks for the quick reply. The problem is that we can't get the JamTrack to play and record with the vocal recording. It only records vocals. ???

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