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Presonus StudioLive RML 32AI
Hi, first time posting.

I recently started using JamKazam and it is a great program. I am using a Presonus StudioLive RML 32AI as my audio interface with a MacBook Pro running MacOS Sierra connected to the internet via Ethernet. In the following I have used normal mode and safe mode 1 which affects the buffer size, but it has not had an impact on performance of JamKazam. In the following description, JamKazam will sometimes hang rather than crash. 

Originally I successfully followed the initial set up procedure and got into a session, after a few reboots and help from someone who had already been using JamKazam.

Since then, if I start JamKazam and go straight to starting a SESSION, the program will crash.

If I confirm my audio interface shows up in AUDIO PROFILE and I start a SESSION it will invariably crash, unless I do certain things.

After crash and restarting JamKazam, from Drop down menu select AUDIO GEAR to return to the AUDIO PROFILE menu. 
Occasionally my audio interface profile will appear but will be greyed out and I can not ACTIVATE it, or access even through ADD NEW GEAR. I will then reboot my entire system.

If it does appear in AUDIO PROFILE (not greyed out)...

1. If I slect CONFIGURE - Crashes 99% of the time. If I do get into the CONFIGURE screens, once I start adding channels it will usually crash after I add the 3rd channel.

2. After restarting JamKazam, in hopes of helping JamKazam connect to my interface, I select ADD NEW GEAR. I skip the Understand Your Gear video as I have watched it. After the RESCAN I select my Interface from the drop down menu, wait for it to complete latency test (GOOD)

Then I select BACK, which goes back to the Understand Your Gear window. If I select CANCEL, it will sometimes hang or crash.

If it does not crash, I'm returned to the AUDIO PROFILES screen and select BACK

If it does not crash, I proceed to start a SOLO SESSION, whereupon it will sometimes crash
If it does not crash, it will eventually show the audio inputs I have selected and be working.

At this point I can usually have someone join the SESSION (or have them invite me to one) and it remains stable till we LEAVE.

I want to add more channels as I have keyboards, guitar, drums etc.

Since I cannot access CONFIGURE from the AUDIO PROFILES screen, I will select SETTINGS from within the SESSION. I will then be able to add or update my inputs, however as soon as I add a new channel it crashes before I can SAVE SETTINGS. Then I need to go through the multiple restarts, reboots of my computer and my audio interface, and multiple crashes. 

Often after finally having a SESSION open successfully, either my inputs will appear along with the new channel I added just before it crashed and I will SAVE SETTINGS, or my inputs will have changed to just one input channel, and all my changes would be lost, even after having selected SAVE SETTINGS.

Note that it can easily take 1 hour to get a stable session, which is a problem when others are waiting for me to connect.

Is it possible there is a conflict between JamKazam and my interface orr my computer?As I said once I get the SESSION up, there are no problems. The problem is with cra$ng every time I change the AUDIO PROFILE (i.e. try to add channels or even connect to the interface initially).

Please help me get this great application running smoothly 

Thank you,
Toronto Canada

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