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I can hear them, they can't hear me, this wasn't a problem last weekend
I had JK working great last weekend. But now when I'm in a session with friends they hear me very faintly or not at all. I can hear myself just fine and I can record and play back locally. My input volume is turned all the way up in the Windows control panel and in the JK audio booster window. I've tried rescanning and resyncing a bunch of times.

This is an older laptop with WDM drivers, and I'm using the built-in mic and also trying an external mic. But like I said, last weekend it worked fine and that was with the built-in mic. The only thing that I think has changed is I that took the Windows 10 update on 4/16. (My friends are on Mac and Windows 8 so the update didn't affect them.) Anyone else seen this?
This problem has resolved itself. Fiddling with the volume settings may have helped.
I find it’s very easy to accidentally mute someone when trying to adjust their volume.

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