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Set up "correct", but no sound, vu meters don't move
I am using a Focusrite Scarlett, 3rd generation and a Mac.  I have gone through the process of setting this up with JamKazam, and in the last step, I hear the music in the headphones that plug into the Focusrite.  But when I do a test session, there is no sound, and the VU meters don't move.  I can get sound in my headphones when I use the Direct Monitor button on the Focusrite.  Anyone have some help to offer? Sad
Direct monitoring should be turned off
Direct monitoring was off...just turned it on to assure that input was reaching the Focusrite. It turns out that a friend helped me to figure this out. It was related to Apple security: I had to go into the System Preferences - Security and Privacy - Privacy - Microphone and check a box that enables JamKazam to use the "Microphone". Was able to join a jam yesterday until the JamKazam server crashed.

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