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Simple forum improvments
Being able to see just 'your' posts.

I have two cameras hooked up. How does 'beta' work?

Maybe announcement within this forum on how management is solving issues. Being in IT for decades, I know you had to have increased server space. Brag about it. Use the forum to tell your users how good you really are.

I love this app. But there are so many simple improvements in work flow that are possible. Every time a session is created we're forced into a genre bucket, we can not opt out of that. It's like the mistake music production created with LP's, 'We have to catagorise every new artist to effectively market them.". That is absolute bull, don't force people to see your business lie your closed minded view, listen to people with ideas. Some people I play music with can't use a DVR effectively, but they can play clarinet or piano.

I pretty sure your business plan is doomed unless you generate cash. I'm certainly willing to take on a recurring fee if it doesn't break my bank. I pay for MS Office once a year. I pay for GoDaddy every 3 years. I pay for Comcast as evil as they are for the bandwidth. Unfortunately I pay for Quicken for being there forever and not convinced changing my fiscal process is worth the process, I never write checks anymore and most bills are paid automatic.

Again, I love this app event with it's crazy flaws.
Clearing the feature jams.
What makes a jam featured?
Can featured jams cue be cleared except future jams

I love the app.
My 20 year old Lexicon Lambda has driver issues, that's my issue.

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