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Jamblaster not working in April 2020
My friend was in the same boat.  Finally tried to set up his Jamblaster after a few years and couldn't get any help.  No one would answer emails or help requests through the app.  No documentation in the box.  Extremely disappointing considering the cost, granted it is 4 years later.  The software is difficult to use and has a few bugs (to say it nicely).  Still, when it works and people have a good setups it is great.  I would gladly pay for this service if they could iron out some of the kinks.  They will never have an opportunity like they do right now to get this thing going and sell it (which is the obvious end game for them).

Back to the original question.  We did eventually get the Jamblaster to "work".  It was not a great experience.  No app for the phone.  The software did not see it until we connected a usb cable between the jamblaster and the computer (ethernet cable between the Jamblaster and the modem).  Then go to the menu at the very top and select "Manage" --> "Pairing JamKazam Clients" --> "JamKazam Clients".  There you should see the Jamblaster (at least we did).  I think we just had to select it and tell it to connect or pair.  Then a message displayed saying to press the button on the back of the jamblaster to confirm pairing.  You have 60 seconds to do this.  Once we pressed the button the light on the Jamblaster that was fla$ng green turned solid green and a message displayed that said the pairing was successful.  That was it.  We could not get any video with this setup however.  Also there is no headphone volume control on the Jamblaster which is far from ideal.  Otherwise it worked.  

Here is the link again, for reference - thanks to Att Rah, that was posted above (Jamblaster setup instructions - just incase it helps).  Essentially the same process, but we needed the usb cable and had to go through the menu path I listed above:

 Good luck!

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