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Tascam US-1200
I've done a thorough search of the forum site and can't find any mention of Tascam ASIO devices. The US-1200 has served me well with Logic on Mac, several Cakewalk applications and some other mixing apps. 

Should this be listed on the non-working interface list? or is there a way to get it working? 

I keep getting the latency test to pass with around 9 ms but the I/O returns zeros. I also keep getting a popup that says the device is not connected. The driver is from Tascam. It's the most current. 

Most of the links for help and instruction in the hardware setup routine are 404 dead. 

I initially set up JK with a simple mixer (guitar/mic) plugged into the mic input of my computer. I participated in a couple of successful jams but got some advice to get a USB interface.

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