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Video shows white rectangle
I can send and receive video with several people and it works fine, but sometimes with one other person, he and I both see a blank white rectangle instead of each other’s video. Any ideas on what would cause this?
Yes, but I can not remember what is was.

At least one other has the same problem.

I will hold you posted if I should get back my memory - or asking the relevant person or others that may know

Mark Jarvis knows, I know
I've not been able to use my camera when testing the system. I get a white rectangle when I run a test on my video. The Windows client recognizes my hardware, but that's as far as I can get.
I'm afraid one of my bandmates ran into the same issue.
W10, everything uptodate, camera works flawless in other applications like Skype.
In JamKazam, when video is activated, the camera light goes on but no picture is displayed. Just a white screen indeed.
For the other peers in the session, we can see his cam join the total screen but we see just a black rectangle.
Any windows buffs around with a clue? Would be greatly appreciated. We haven't seen each other for awhile ...
Had this same issue with my HP laptop - white screen for video. Decided to dig out an old Logitech 250 'eyeball' USB camera and plugged it in and it works fine. But then I noticed I could switch to the laptop cam and it worked too! Unplugged the eyeball while viewing the laptop cam and it continued to work, but if I stopped JamKazam and restarted, I would get the white screen again. Very strange! I'll stick to the eyeball for now...
Viewing each others video is not a 100% guarantee on JK. Its a hit or miss kinda of thing. I'm sure they are working on a lot of these things but i don't believe video is on the high priority list. It has always done that whether there is 10 people on or 100 people on JK. Sometime leaving the session and coming back will fix it, but you have to get the right sequence to get it to work. As in who should leave and come back or who should stay
I had my webcam working reliably about a month ago, but after the recent updates I only get a white window as others have reported.   JK initially talks to the webcam as I see the red light go on, but then the webcam actually freezes, and sometimes JK crashes.  I disabled my Norton Anti-Virus, but that didn't help.   In fact JamKazam is already white-listed.   The webcam works fine with other applications.   OK, I suppose I will go without video.
In the drop-down box next to your name at the upper right of the screen under 'Video Gear' make sure to test ALL of the listed 'select video capture resolution' choices. On my laptop only 720p works with the built-in camera for some reason. (Boy do I feel stupid for not trying that before....)

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