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How do you set recording level?
I am still getting to grips with JK. In exploring the various options I have yet to see any way of setting the recording level (or maybe I should say microphone input level). This seems a fairly fundamental thing to need to control. Have I missed it or does JK use auto level? Or maybe I need to control it via the Windows sound settings? I should mention I am using the internal microphone of the laptop - trying to keep things as simple as possible just to get started.
First set the volume (or gain or whatever) on the audio interface.

Crank it up all the way - as long as the signal is not clipping.

That will give the best result - especially when recording.

Then there also is the MASTER MIXER - which in fact is determining it all - as a mixer do.

MASTER MIXER can be "dangerous" - if one dont know it.

Only the mix controller (the session starter) have access to MASTER MIXER (default) - not without good reason
There is also the "Audio Booster"  Go to the menu at the very top.  "Manage" --> "Audio Settings" --> "Audio Booster".   The faders seem to be up by default.  I lowered mine to 1.0.  I was setting my interface levels properly and still getting distortion until I lowered the booster faders to 1.  It is pretty confusing the way there are 3 places to adjust audio levels in the app and difficult to tell what changes your input level, your monitoring level, and what everyone else hears.  As far as I can tell the "mixer" changes everyones monitoring levels for the entire session.  The faders in the live tracks just change your monitoring levels.  Not sure about the booster, but I assume that is essentially an input feature that affects everyone, but haven't checked this yet.
If you want to control the Master Mix it can only be done in the "MIXER" tab by the session owner. When you open this tab you will hear exactly what is being recorded. You will need to control everyone's volume from here.

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