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Need help-mixer to Jamkazam.
Huh HI I am a drummer. I have plugged my electronic drums and mic into a Behringer analog mixer, and from there via RCA cables to mic input to Mac Laptop. The Mac/Jamkazam seems to pick up the input from the mixer, as when i speak the green/red lights for the level move left to right. Same with hitting the drums. However when I record, no audio.
Any tips? Should my setup work or is the analog to mac not compatible with Jamkazam?
My test results of audio equipment were good.
I must confess when that test runs at end of the audio setup the ping noise is very faint though my Mixer does not have a button to turn off direct whatever it was called.

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Is that a Q802USB? I have one just like it. If so, you could use the USB Out on the mixer to connect to the mac laptop (unless it doesn't have a USB port). Try clicking the RESYNC toolbar button while in session, see if that is the fix. It may be a volume level setting in the mac and/or within your JamKazam session. Play a demo song from your edrums and play with the different volume settings.
If you hear yourself in the session, i would agree.. the Recording should be capturing the audio. I'm on a Mac, Command+$rt+M, brings up a power mixer. Not sure off hand whether there's a setting in there to specify to capture the audio to the recording. I'll keep an eye out.

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