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Please, add a search filter by latency and by country
I joined a couple of sessions after midnight and I keep finding musicians who live in Europe or in Australia and trying to search locally from where I live here in California to find someone to play with at a sufficent distance for a low latency jam session.
It would be a great new feature to add.

This is a must. I think many Jammers are keen on joining sessions with people they don't know. Prior to the update a week or so back I could hover over a players "dot" and see their latency before joining, making it easier to find a latency friendly session and avoid wasting anyone's time.

At the very least, please bring this function back to the "Find Sessions" lists
for me its exactly the other way around. I'm one of the europeans you always find, though i am looking for europeans only finding amwericans. I love jamming with you guys but latency stands between us Tongue
Yes, bring back latency readings or at least general location in Find Session Window.   I love connecting with Musicians all over the world and will continue to do so, but some music genres demand low latency players only.

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