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I have a problem, I can't put the AMPLITUBE plugin in jamkazam. It would be very helpful if someone told me how to do it, I have tried to put the path where my VST plugin is and the system does not recognize it. Does anyone know how to do it?

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Hola !
Tengo un problema, no puedo poner el plugin AMPLITUBE en jamkazam. Sería de gran ayuda si alguien me dijera como hacerlo, he intentado poner la ruta de donde esta mi plugin VST y no lo reconoze el sistema. Alguien sabe como hacerlo?
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My friend has gotten this working. Amplitube is 64-bit and Jamkazam is 32-bit. So to get it working I recommended he try jbridge - https://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/ - which allows using 32-bit and 64-bit software together. He set that up and it has been working well for him,
Thanks, I downloaded the Jbridge application, but can't seem to get it to recognize my Amplitube VST or any of my VST plug ins. I am trying to convert 64 bit plug ins to 32 bit in order for JamKazam to recognize them, especially Amplitube. When I run Jbridge and browse to select the VST files to convert by going to Programs/common files/VST3 where the plug-ins are, it gives me an error message that says there are no valid files???? Where did I go wrong?

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