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Crash after a few minutes in Win 10 / Not working at all on Mac
When I stream (doesn´t matter if on YouTube or Facebook), the whole App crashes after 3-5 minutes on Win 10. Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong? If it´s a bug, can I hope that this will be fixed in the near future?

I´ve already tried to play together with my band (5 Members/rock) and it worked surprisingly well (accept livestreaming) untill you rolled back the last update for Mac (two of us are using Macs). We would like to make a livestream to entertain our fans a little bit in this difficult time and therefore we hope for a solutin soon.

Even before you rolled back the last update, streaming didn´t work on Mac. An error occured every time. I don´t know the exact wording because I don´t have a Mac an I couldn´t test it myself. Is it possible to fix this bug on Mac? Maybe with the next update that all Mac users are waiting for because of the camera fix?

Greetings from Germany and thank you for your great work!
I'm also having issues with Youtube saying it is not receiving enough video data, which caused the stream to buffer and never come back. When I chose stop stream in the app, the app crashed and closed!
I'd really like to know the answer to this as well. Tried using the Share URL and it just hangs. Tried using the FB option and it says FB won't accept a link from an insecure source. Really need to live stream!! Help please.
Without letting any Web page opened, JK has crashed after few minutes of use.  

However yesterday, it worked well.

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