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Terrible Sound/Packet Loss
I'm ready to quit Jamkazam. Over the last 3 over days, the sound has become unbearable when jamming online. The number of participants makes little to no difference. Others sound like they are underwater.
Things I have tried:
- Different interface (Zoom L-12 and Scarlett 2i2)
- reset audio settings for both
- reset router multiple times

In private session by myself the sound is fine. When jamming with others -- which I've been doing with the same people for over 2 years now -- the sound is constantly bad. The latency numbers are fine, but there is constant packet loss.
(05-31-2024, 03:56 PM)Tforce Wrote: I'm ready to quit Jamkazam. Over the last ...
Have you contacted the helpdesk for support?
> Tamacti Jun <

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