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Add "Old Time" music genre please
I play Old Time or Old Timey music.  Mostly American fiddle tunes. None of the available genres seem to fit. Old Time predates Bluegrass and the repertoires and style of playing are different. I don't know what Americana is. Traditional may come the closest to describing Old Time, but there are so many other genres that also fall under this very broad umbrella of a genre. JamKazam is a good platform for Old Time Musicians. You should provide us with the recognition of listing our genre! Did you know that there is bumper sticker that says "Old Time Music! It's better than it sounds"?

I wrote to Jamkazam support and asked for the same -- or well for "Oldtime" without a hypen to be added to the list of genres.

It was recommended to me that we just add "Oldtime" (or however you would spell it) to the title of any session created.

As far as picking from the existing genres, I would agree with the OP that "Traditional" would probably fit best -- although as stated, it encompasses way more than just Oldtime fiddle tunes. .

BTW, I like "Oldtime" over "Old-time" because it seems better for keyword searches.
It's extremely popular especially among the kind of musicians that get together to play. As a label, it conveys a lot. I'm not an oldtime player myself but have sat in on it, and I bet I'd recognize a lot of the tunes you play. Plus I can see myself clicking in on an open jam with that checked. It doesn't get much radio play, but boy there's a lot of it "in the wild."

Wikipedia links Traditional to Folk.

Definitely check "Traditional" and "Folk" in your profiles/jams, though. I think that would get the message through.

The Wikipedia description of Americana matches what I expect (and I call myself an Americana musician): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Americana_(music)

I feel for the JK team. Getting a list of genres right is a thankless task that is always wrong from some point of view.

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