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Simmons Drum Issue - do you need Audio Interface
Hello All:

I am new to Jamkazam and new to connecting my Simmons SD7PK kit to anything.  I was able to connect my kit to Addictive Drums after dowloading updated rivers from Simmons.  The issues I am having is that even though Jamkazam recognizes "Simmons e-drums" when I attempt to add it as a MIDI track are:

  1. The dialog box below the MIDI device selection does not seem to wanting to pull in the plug-ins (VST or AU plugins) and 
  2. The third dialog box which allows you to select the instrument always goes back to Electric Guitar even after I seemingly select Drums.  That being said Electric Guitar is the only option that is in bold.
  I do not own any audio interface hardware.  Is that an essential requirement or should the SD7PK brain be enough?  Absent the AU hardware is there a way to have Jamkazam recognize the Addictive Drums digital signals that get triggered as I play my kit?

Thanks for any guidance and fielding the rudimentary nature if the questions.

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