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Using LTE/4G?

does anybody of you have experiences in using Jamkazam via mobile internet (LTE-net) ?

what does the latency? how much traffic causes a 6-person session approximately (without video) ?

 thanx for your answers and keep sterile!
Somehow old - but still valid, I think

"Ensure you are [...] not using wireless internet".
"Best regards, Team JamKazam".
from htps://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/anyone-use-jamkazam-i-could-use-some-troubleshooting.1504869/

"what does the latency? "!?

The latency is delay - the sound from the others are delayed.

It can be 10 to 300 milliseconds delay, in general. Depending on circumstances

A 6-person session approximately (without video) use around 2.5 Mbps upload, I think/guess


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