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App freezing and cra$ng on Windows 10
(08-19-2021, 01:55 AM)gionnio Wrote: I'm having the same problem. After the update it crashes within a few minutes each time I run it.

It worked fine before the recent update (I haven't been using JK since May due to a move from one house to another).

I do have a subscription.

I have not requested support.

I'm running Win10 on a 64 bit Lenovo laptop.

I did (I think) file a crash report...not sure if it went anywhere.

It seems clear this problem is due to a bug on the JK side. I hope it gets fixed soon because I've enjoyed using the app, but won't continue paying for a subscription indefinately if it doesn't get fixed soon.

I do advise you to file/look for support since that is one the advantages of having a payed member$p/account.
https://jamkazam.freshdesk.com/support/home & support@jamkazam.com

This forum is maintained mainly by volunteers helping (new) jammers/each other out with general direction and advise.
The forums are visited by JamKazam dev & support but are not part of the support structure in place for paying customers. To address them please do use the given support means.

Claiming that your "problem is clearly a bug on the JK side" seems a little blunt (albeit possible), since (very) many - also Windows 10 - users enjoy JamKazam on a daily basis.

So far a lot (but not all) of these 'program freezing' issues on Windows have been caused by (audio) device drivers. E.g., not having the correct driver in place for the soundcard/AI configured in JamKazam & 'older' drivers present for hardware that is not (no longer) being used, are known. But, it could be something else completely. Setups, configurations and use cases differ hugely.
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