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Crackling Noise
With that power dip well behind us, the quality of the connection let us us down for quite some time.
By sheer luck we discovered the Beta video feature and lo and behold, that cured this crackling completely. Big Grin
However, our ordeal wasn't over yet as a while after finding this solution, the beta video feature let us down too ( we didnt change anything in our set up).
We could only see ourselves and the other side seemed invariably located somewhere in Texas, but their picture remained dark.
This was by the end of January.
So back to the original video we went. And back was the crackling... Angry

Then, by the beginning of May, out of the blue (black?), the beta video feature sprang to life again and has worked well ever since.

So moving to the beta Video feature seems to have been the cure for us.

And with a major update in the works we're hoping we'll be able to keep working at this level.

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