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Was this intended or a bug of some sort?
Ok Wondering if this was intended or a bug of some sort. 

Turns out that frame rate setting when setting up a new audio interface dictates the final resulting ASIO buffer setting that JK resets the the interface to. I use audio interface generically cause the following had affected all my AI's  (Presonus 24c, Focusrite 2i2 and Behringer XR18) and have tested with reproducible results.

The setting occurs when you add your AI from 'audio gear' settings (deleting existing is required if AI is already setup for change to occur). 

For the  Behringer ASIO , JK auto sets the following properties during setup of interface.

Framerate of 1 = 128 Samples (48khz) 8.2ms
Framerate of 2 = 128 Samples (48khz) 8.2ms
Framerate of 2.5 = 8 Samples (48khz) 4.2ms

You can literally watch JK reset/change the Behringer  ASIO control panel when you change the frame rate in the 'select and test audio gear' page during setup if interface. 

The following is for the Presonus 24c results with universal control panel numbers (this may work with PS Audiobox 96 as well)

Framerate of 1 = 128 Block Size/Samples (48khz) 8.2ms
Framerate of 2 = 128 Block Size/Samples (48khz) 8.2ms
Framerate of 2.5 = 16 Block Size/Samples (48khz) 4.4ms
Framerate of 2.5 = 32 Block Size/Samples (96khz) 4ms 

The problem is that after setup occurs the ASIO settings are locked and you cannot make a post change to sample rate in ASIO panel after the initial setup
I think the 1 ms and 2 ms cases have a bug. To work around it:

  1. In the Audio Gear setup wizard, choose 2.5 ms frame size.
  2. In a session, use the Audio Framesize/Booster dialog to choose a smaller frame size.
  3. Expect JK to set device sample buffer proportional to frame size * sample rate.

Maybe JK has a reason for overriding the user's device buffer setting, but I wish they'd leave it alone.

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