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Quit after uploading downloading recordings
Dear JK,

Just jammed on latest version after updating today. Sound was great. Everyone had steady jitter around 2.5ms and latency was from 19 to 24ms for everyone. And no one had to leave and rejoin the session to get things to work, nor even hit the Resync button. Thanks for the continued improvements!

Did another test recording of a song. Forgot to leave JK running after i left session for the night forgetting about the recordings to upload/download.

It would be most awesome if when you try to quit JK and there were uploads and downloads in progress, JK would tell you "uploads/downloads in progress", and ask "Do you want to Quit JK after uploads and downloads are complete?" with two buttons, "Yes" and "Quit Now" which are obvious what they would do.

Please? I mean who doesn't want this. Or something like that. Could be a setting that will do it automatically without asking. 

BTW, i did search for this feature request in this forum but had no luck with the keywords i used in case this has already been asked for.

If you run JK again the next day, the file manager should get to work on any files that need uploading or downloading. It sometimes takes a few hours—and occasionally never works at all.

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