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Windows 10 Antimalware Spike
Wondering if anyone is having the same problems that I've been having with Jamkazam spiking the Windows Antimalware service after the past handful of updates.  I let it ride for a few of these hoping things would straighten out, but no luck.

The spike is only 20-30% or so, but this is enough to tank my sessions - not so much with latency but with large amounts of static.  A few times during the sessions, the Antimalware service disappears and the sessions return to normal, but then it kicks in again.  I've tested this by shutting down the Jamkazam sessions and the Antimalware service always ends within 5-10 seconds and it does not come back - not until I fire up JK again, at least.

I have Jamkazam on my whitelist for apps in Windows Defender, so I'd like to know how I can fix this problem.  As you know, the God of Redmond does not allow us to tinker with Windows, so even when I shut off Defender (which I shouldn't have to do), the Antimalware service runs (can't shut this service off either through the Task Manager or Services).

Ideas?  Thanks in advance.


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