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PreSonu STUDIO 24c and Jamkazam
Hi. I have just bought a PreSonus STUDIO 24c Audio Interface.
I have downloaded the latest Universal Control software but when I open it I cannot do anything with it.
At the bottom of the main page I get to when I launch the software there is an icon of the 24c and associated description to the right.
When read that I can open a virtual mixer if I click on the text besides next to the pictore of the 24c.
However, when I try to click the text of the picture next to it absolutely nothings happen.

The reason I bought the STUDIO 24c is because I intend to start using the Studio One 5 Daw and the 24c is very much integrated in 
that SW already. 
In addition I want to use the 24c as audio interface in the JamKazam software because 1 of my band member lives in another city 
and we want to practice weekly through JamKazam.
However when I try to configure the 24C in Jamkazam I cannot find a audio input device that fit the 24C. I have tried all of them. 

I have connected acoustic guitar to channel 1 and an SM 58 mic on channel 2 and I am able to get sound in my headphones but only
if I turn the mixer knob all the way towards "Input". If I turn it towards Playback there is NO sound.
I have spent 2 days trying to get it to work with a lot of help from my computer literate son but we are both at our wits end and I'm close
go back to the shop and swap it for another audio interface or scrapping the whole JamKazaam idea unless I can get some help.

Frustrated greeting from
Roger Arntzen
it sounds as though your Presonus device is not installed in your operating system. If the control software for the interface won't load, then your problem is starting long before JamKazam.

If you're on Mac, then the Presonus should be listed in Audio MIDI Setup. It does NOT have to be the default playback or input device in order for Jamkazam to "see" it; it just has to be on the list of devices.

Windows is a similar arrangement. If the Presonus is not listed as an audio device (I use Device Manager for this) then Jamkazam will not be able to use it.

From what you wrote in your last paragraph, I'd say the 24c is working because you can hear yourself when you are direct monitoring.

If you're using a laptop, perhaps you can take it and the 24c back to the shop, and see if they can help you with it.

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