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"enough bandwidth to send you a degraded, but sufficient, audio stream."
I'm not in a position to give you a definitive answer, but I'll try to be of help.

"enough bandwidth" is basically just that - enough to get you connected. But - if you want to have a clear, steady, reliable connection, then more than "enough" will be needed. It sounds like there is either an underwater cable or a land-based wireless link in your internet chain. If it's the former, then that cable might be an old link with limited bandwidth, or it could be a new fiber cable, which would not be a problem in most cases. If the link is wireless, then it could be an impossible task to get a better session connection.

So, even if you had gigabit fiber service at your house, it wouldn't solve the problem in that scenario.

There can be other reasons to get bottlenecked on the internet. Different transport methods, different traffic priorities,, different routes, on and on. I've found it works best if you can exceed the minimum Jamkazam requirements by 5x or better. All of the successful sessions I've had over the last 3 months were with people who were on a minimum of 5Mb/s upload and 50Mb/s download (the upload speed is much more important). Either cable service or fiber optic. DSL is not that great in many places (runs on analog telephone lines) and wireless in any form is just a disaster IMHO.

in summary, it's not really a simple matter of speed. it's Quality of Service that matters.

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