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"enough bandwidth to send you a degraded, but sufficient, audio stream."
I'm trying to understand the diagnostics JamKazam provides so that I can equate them to the bandwidth available for our sessions.  The typical case is two players with wind instruments.  One player has 25 Mbps download and 14 Mbps upload, while the other has 90 Mbps download and 18 Mbps upload speeds.  This is far more than the 1 Mbps minimum that JamKazam published: https://forum.jamkazam.com/showthread.php?tid=114.  (Really?)  We have not analyzed the traffic from other users on these connections, but since our results have been consistent during different sessions, this doesn't appear to be the determining factor.  We are both using current Windows 10 systems and Focusrite Scarlett USB adapters.

My question is about bandwidth, not latency, but I should note that we are having challenges with delay.  We are about 100 miles apart, and one of the players is on an island.  The challenges of providing service at that remote location seems to push the total latency above 50 ms.

Our results with this configuration are generally stable, although there are some artifacts (especially on high notes) that are of concern.  When we examine the "Audio Bw Rx" status it usually says <other player> "has enough bandwidth to send you a degraded, but sufficient, audio stream."  While I haven't found documentation about this specific message, the documentation (https://jamkazam.freshdesk.com/support/s...iagnostics) says this shows the size of the audio stream and that these will be automatically adjusted.

What exact parameters is JK looking for, and what does it means by "enough bandwidth" in this situation?

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"enough bandwidth to send you a degraded, but sufficient, audio stream." - by ellis@hillinger.org - 03-11-2021, 03:20 PM

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