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Mixing a live band (Zoom instructions as well)
I thought I would share my PC setup as I had to dig here and there to make it happen.  My goal was to be able to mix a full band in a live setting (without me playing).  I have issues using the Jamkazam audio mixer for various reasons :

  • The app is a bit slow on my PC (don't know why)
  • The sliders are not very smooth
  • VST usage is limited and not super easy to setup
  • Native controls like compressors are not easy to use
So, here is what I do.  I connect my interface to a 32bit DAW (Reaper in my case).  From there I use Rearoute to send my sound in Jamkazam (32bit).  Please refer to the following post for more details :

REAPER + Jam Kazam via ReaRoute [TUTORIAL] - Cockos Incorporated Forums

Then, I am muting the track with ReaRoute that comes back from Jamkazam in Reaper.  This brings back a full mix and is of no use for mixing.  

NOTE - The "sound technician" needs to be in the Jamkazam session but won't play.  You will get a bit of latency coming back  from Jamkazam to Reaper unfortunately using Reastream.  If you just bring a full mix back with Rearoute, you will be able to play with the band and send your audio to OBS (see next steps).  But you won't be able to mix individual tracks.

Next, I use Reastream (32bit) to connect each musicians tracks to Reaper.  Once this is complete, I send the master mix out of Reaper to OBS via Reastream.  Please follow this guide for more details :

Live Stream your DAW through OBS! How-to guide - YouTube

To get each musician's track in Reaper, I go in the Jamkazam's mixer and add the VST Reastream using the method explained in the video above.  Create one track per musician in Reaper and link them to Jamkazam with Reastream.

Check this post for help on Jamkazam and VST's :


Add FX required on each track in your DAW depending on what is coming through (guitar, vocals, bass, keys, etc.)

Once this is completed, I use a virtual cable to get out of OBS and send the audio to Zoom.  To do so, install the virtual cable B.  Then in OBS you need to set the monitoring device to Virtual Cable B in Settings - Audio - Advanced

VB-Audio Virtual Apps (vb-audio.com)

NOTE - You could also stream it directly from OBS on other platforms.  For Zoom, you need a transition setup between Reaper and Zoom and the best performance I got was this way.  I tried Voicemeeter and other solutions but I could not get any good sound out of it.

Zoom allows you got receive and send a Stereo signal to the audience.  Please refer to this link for more information on setting up the Stereo sound in Zoom :

Zoom Software in Music Mode - Best Audio Settings | Music Repo

NOTE - Zoom does frequent upgrades so these options may changes in future version but at least you know what to look for at this point. Also, to really have the proof of Stereo, have a buddy join your Zoom session to test it out and confirm or join your own Zoom session on a second device and listen. Recording Zoom sessions will be converted to MONO... for now... and if you try "Test the mic" you won't hear the stereo as well. Only Zoom attendants will hear the Stereo.

And boom voilà!  You get a full band audio in Stereo in Zoom.  Use the PAN in the DAW on tracks and FX and have fun!

Note - In the Jamkazam mixer I find that the pre/post amp helps if it's turned on.  You may use some Make-up gain if a musician's level is very low.  But ideally each musician should make sure to send a strong and clear signal to Jamkazam for you to use in your mix.  They should ideally send a signal with no reverb so that you can control it on your end.  Each musician must make sure their setup is balanced.  Ex : clean guitar VS distortion VS singing with an instrument.  Musicians can add input tracks in their Jamkazam, but you will only get one track on their output!  So if a singer plays guitar, they need to balanced their sound as good as possible to make your job easier.  I would love to get multiple inputs from musicians using more than one thing on their end.

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