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Problem and Setup necessary to keep Presonus 1810c loopback operating.
My Presonus 1810c 's loopback Was operational until recently...  I was using it to practice with myself and others on JK. It now blocks the function of Youtube to be played through JK.  Youtube sits with a rotating ring until JK app is closed.  And when Youtube is open with JK open, Youtube causes disturbance in JK.  JK is set for Outputs on 3+4 , loopback on the 1810c is set to 1+2 (to prevent a horrible loopback to happen) !! Again this setup was operational (with a lot of help from my Friends on JK! Thank You John and Terry!)   Any Thoughts would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
I don't think the Presonus interface is the problem. I suspect your issue is with software.

I don't know how you were able to have this working before, so I can't advise you how to fix it, but I know from my experience that if I have any application running that uses audio, at the same time I'm running a Jamkazam session, I get poor performance from JK and in some cases it hangs my audio system completely.

this has been true for all of my jam friends as well (Windows, Mac, any interface - doesn't matter). We agree that the best way to have music playing into a JK session is to either

1) play the music inside of JK (backing tracks, or Jam Tracks), or
2) play the music on a different device besides the computer running JK (cell phone, tablet, tape machine, or another computer).

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