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Behringer X1222 USB Working then Not Working
(04-11-2020, 02:39 PM)eitankus Wrote:
(04-11-2020, 04:00 AM)kkriner@gmail.com Wrote:
(04-11-2020, 12:38 AM)eitankus Wrote: I'm following up on my own post.

I saw under the list of working interfaces this item:

"Berhringer X1222USB working on Windows 10 Pro and working on macOS 10.8.5 with a latency of 8.79 ms on Jamkazam Build 1.20 - "1.0.3640" "

The current JK version is 1.0.3644 according to the app and my Behringer X1222USB did work but is no longer working.  It works fine on anything else.

Hi, eitankus! I'll see if I can make that more clear in the list (maybe 'Mac Jamkazam client Build 1.20 - "1.0.3640"'). I am using macOS, and the current version of the macOS client is Build 1.20 - "1.0.3640".

I think you're on Windows 10 Pro - is that right?  If so, perhaps the current Windows client is 1.0.3644? I'm not sure if version number parity is maintained between both apps.

Also, I think the Mac client was rolled back a few days ago.

Let me know if my understanding is correct. Thanks!


Thanks for the follow up!

My configuration:

HP i7 laptop with 12GB memory and 1TB SSD running Windows 10 Pro with the latest updates.

The Windows build is different 1.20 - 1.0.3644.  I have checked and hard-refreshed the JK downloads page in case an update was posted.  No update.  About in my current app shows no changes either.  Most folks that I know or have heard from that are using Macs have few if any issues.

Best, Ed.

Thanks for the information, Ed! I've added a "Current Version of JamKazam Client for Mac/Windows" line to the top of the audio interface list.

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