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Behringer X1222 USB Working then Not Working
I have a Behringer X1222 USB mixer attached to a Windows 10 Pro, i7 laptop with SSD and 12GB of memory connected to my cable Internet provider with an Ethernet cable at 150mb down and 25mb up.  The board went from working to not working well or at all.  It worked through the ASIO4ALL drivers until this past Thursday, 4/2/2020 then all of a sudden the voice on one board channel was either crackling or the bass guitar that I play was clipping on the second board channel.  I tried numerous times to add, change or update the ASIO4ALL settings and/or use the local board CODECS without success.  Last night I uninstalled JK, ASIO4ALL rebooted and reinstalled both.  I changed ASIO4ALL setttings as suggested in different videos and finally got everything to work - except the bass can't be heard in a recording or in a session.  Nothing on the board or in the software is muted.  I can hear the bass locally through the board so it's not a board issue.  There's no output to JK on any channel that I try on the board.  The laptop will work with built-in mic and speaker with ASIO4ALL and JK but that does me no good.  Anyone have a similar experience with this or another board?



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