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Jamtracks not in synch and poor audio quality
Hi all, i'm pretty new to Jamkazam, and probably had the same difficulties setting up my settings as most of you. But in the end, i succeeded to connect my keyboard successfully to Jamkazam and get a good sound quality. I'm also able to launch a jamtrack on my side, and hear it in full quality and play along with it in a solo session.

But yesterday, i did a first experiment with a friend. After setting up his settings, i could perfectly hear his guitar, an we could play together with no significant latency. But  when we tried to play along with a jamtrack, things were different. When he launched a jamtrack on his side, he could perfectly hear it and play along. On my side though, the jamtrack came through in bits and pieces, got interrupted, and with poor audio quality. Although i could still hear his guitar perfectly through the jamtrack.

Then we tried it the other way round, where i invited him to a session and launched a jamtrack on my side. Same result but the other way round. I could perfectly hear the jamtrack on my end and play along with it, but on his side, the jamtrack didn't came through properly and it was iùmposisble to play along with it in synch to me.

Any similar experiences (and solutions) or an idea what the cause of this might be ? We were both using a wired connection, and (at least on my side) i'm having an upload speed of 18,99 Mbps.  I don't think it's elevant, but we are both using a Focusrite Scarlet 3rd generation audio interface.
We're a 5 member band in British Columbia, and had exactly the same experience last night.
(02-25-2021, 07:31 PM)schabeth Wrote: We're a 5 member band in British Columbia, and had exactly the same experience last night.

Was this a unique experience (1-time only) ? Meaning: normaly you don't have those problems and you are all perfectly capable of playing along in synch to the same jamtrack ?
JamKazam is aware of the issue and responded as follows:
"We have heard numerous reports on this and have a session scheduled to try to figure out what's going on."

Our sessions are weekly, and did not have an opportunity yet to see if the latest update of the App has resolved this?

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