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100% packet loss -- constantly have to reboot modem
(02-19-2021, 01:51 PM)StuartR Wrote:
(02-09-2021, 07:50 PM)TenMile Wrote: I've noticed that since about the December timeframe, that I have been seeing 100% packet loss from some members of my band.  Initially, I had thought these were issues at the other end, however recently I have found that rebooting my Cable Modem/Router appears to clear the issue.

Are there any particular reasons that require these reboots?  I had never experienced network issues prior to December and in fact recently I have had to make several changes to my settings to be able to participate in sessions.

My PC is directly ethernet connected to my cable modem, bypassing my network switch and firewall, and gets it's internal address directly from that box.  I found that bypassing the firewall cut the network latency down quite a bit.

Initially, sessions will start off well, but within about 20-30 mins I start to see 100% packet loss from some users (others are just fine).  I have tried to resync, leaving and re-joining a session but none of those options work.  The only thing that seems to work is a reboot of the modem.

Given that my bandmates are all within 5-10kms (Western Canada) are we all better off selecting Peer to Peer, Mesh Network or Lowest Latency?  I believe the closest JK servers are based in Seattle and I would guess that will increase latency...

So far, it appears that Manually opening ports 12000 to 12010 has fixed the problem.  I was relying on UPNP which did appear to open some ports on the cable modem, but since I've manually opened the ports I've not had to reboot the modem since.

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