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100% packet loss -- constantly have to reboot modem
the helpdesk documents use blue highlighting - perhaps that's the "blue".

A lot of folks think this is a server-based service, and Amazon Web Services is a big name in that game.

FWIW - if you are OUT of your session - choose "default settings" for your network preference. The default is "prefer lowest latency". As Dimitri stated, you actually cannot choose ARS (audio relay server). For me "prefer lowest latency" sets up peer to peer (P2P) session.

You can select P2P instead, but * I think* you would not be able to use ARS in that case. If you use default settings, then in the event that ARS actually IS the lowest latency path, then your session should use it.

For anyone who has a Gold plan - submit a trouble ticket. Tech support is part of your service - you're paying for it! I have used the helpdesk 3 times thus far, and got 2 resolutions each w/in 2 days.

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