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Superior Drummer 2.0 32 bit version AND jbridged version not working
Hey everyone,

I've seen posts on other forums of users successful with Superior Drummer though not seeing any posts here so thought I would ask if anyone has been successful.

I'm using the 32 bit version though JK does not even find it

Downloaded Jbridge as someone so kindly recommended on here and THAT WORKED for the 64 bit version of Bias FX 2, though NOT working for Superior Drummer 2.0 32 bit version as is or jbridged OR Superior Drummer 3 64 bit ran through jbridge

My band and I are ready to pay for the top license for JK but ONLY if we can get it to work. My next attempt will be running the audio out of my laptop through my Behringer UHD404HD and seeing if that works, though direct plugin support is ideal...otherwise we're just going to stick with Jamulous which is completely free.


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