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Lessons with picture in picture video
I teach guitar to a few students.....I would like to be able to put a picture in a picture in the video....
Two cameras....one on me and the guitar....other camera a closeup on my fret hand...

Does anyone know how to do this...???

Sorry for posting in the Audio forum......but this forum has the most users and I thought I
might have a better chance of finding an answer here....

Many thankx
As far as I know....

the JK client software doesn't have the ability to mix video inputs (I'm only able to acquire one camera at a time on my system).

You probably have to do this outside of the software, with a hardware device that can be detected as a single video source. Roland makes A/V equipment that can do, this but it's a significant investment.

The second option I can think of would be to use 2 concurrent JK sessions, but for that you need 2 JK accounts, 2 computers, 2 cameras, more bandwidth, etc. so it's probably not much cheaper than option 1
I see guys on YouTube doing lessons....but that is recorded lessons which I can do with my Logitec software....as long as I'm recording the video for playback at a later time....
I guess I didn't think it would be that hard for a "live" video...
Thanks for your help....

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