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Unsuccessful Server connection with 2nd PC
Not sure you if have fixed your issue, but if not I would suggest making sure there aren't any AV programs or malware defenders installed that may be giving cause to this. If you even have something simple as a mcafee browser extension it might interfere. It sounds like you know what you are doing with the incoming and outcoming rules in the firewall. If you look for anything that has a similar port in the defender firewall area, make sure nothing is sharing a rule around the same port addresses. If any previously created rules either block or allow during certain circumstances it will definitely interfere. Also, make sure that your router if you are connected directly to it, and not through any other managed switch, make sure that that port or rather, the dhcp settings are not reserving a port for a certain address or something similar. Your port forwarding area in your routers WAN table will be showing certain ports that are open for either IP or MAC addresses. This could be something that could cause issue, though most of the time, if a port is open, and not specifically referring to a IP or MAC address it will be open regardless of who is using it. Just some things to think about...
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