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Power Mixer option to hide personal mix tracks?
The check box in the power mixer to include/exclude a track from personal mix doesn't seem to do anything.

Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface
You may need to be a bit more clear on what you are saying/asking here. Based on your screenshot showing the Session Track and corresponding Power Mixer track views together - my experience is; they are separate, in their own way. Specifically, the settings I apply in the PowerMixer, do not 'display' on the session track. In the PM, if i change panning, volume, etc - yes, i can hear the changes but the settings are not indicated on the session track view.

Also, your post title, you suggest an expectation that the In/Out checkbox is an option to 'hide' (exclude) the track from session view. Can you elaborate on why you think this? I have not found any information suggesting this. When I toggle that, it mutes the channel.

In my experience both Session Tracks settings and PowerMixer are mutually exclusive. Which, in my opinion causes a great deal of confusion. And, personally, I prefer the PowerMixer over the Session track settings since it has advanced track controls FOR THE PURPOSE OF HEADPHONE Mix, a.k., "personal mix', as your sceenshot also demonstrates. My expectation is, i should see the changes in both place, regardless where I make them.

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