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Universal Audio (UA) Apollo Twin Tuning and Settings
I've been using JamKazam for about five years, and it wasn't until I got a paid subscription, and got that pop-up about performance issues, that I actually dug into how to make things better. I was using a PreSonus FireBox until summer 2020, then got a UA Apollo Twin, and here's what I've tweaked so far in case it helps anyone else.

Sample Rate: I changed the sample rate to 48000 (was 44100), which fixed the "Poor" sample rate setting. 
Frame Size: it was 2.5, I changed it to 1, which fixed that issue. 
Latency: fixing the Frame size dropped my latency from 11.4 to 8.5, which is still just "Average." There's a note in the pop-up that mentions 'tuning' your interface, but I couldn't find any articles on how, so I started messing with settings in the UA Console (open from your Apps pages). In the bottom left of the Console window is a "Settings" button (opens the same window where you changed the Sample Rate, if you had that issue).  There's a dropdown for "Input Delay Compensation." Mine was defaulted to Medium. Based on my gear, here's how the Latency changes with different settings: 
- Off: 4.3ms
- Short: 6.4ms
- Medium: 8.5ms
- Medium/Long: 10.5ms
- Long: 25ms

The UA Site says this is mainly needed if your tracking multiple devices, and uses drums as an example (which I'm assuming is more than 2 tracks?). I don't have practice again until Thursday night, so I'll have to report back on if this sounds ok with three people playing, but it sounded find just now with just vocals / bass. 

Here's my setup for reference, not sure how much any of this impacts the above: 
- Apollo Twin
- iMac (mid-2011) with 16GB RAM / 2.7 chip
- hardwired to my router (Comcast broadband, 233 down / 11 up)
- two channels: voice and bass
- I'm in Virginia, playing with a drummer in DC (8 channel Focusrite / FioS), guitar in Philadelphia (2 channel Focusrite / FioS)
Thank you so much.  This appears to be the secret to improving my JK latency with my Apollo 
X4 which has run 9.5.  I run three tracks, Bass, vocal and drum machine.  I'm going to try it with IDC off.    Cool

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