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<5.7 ms local gear latency?
(01-03-2021, 03:11 PM)rles Wrote:
(01-03-2021, 01:56 PM)carvinae185@gmail.com Wrote: If I changed interfaces it would just need 4 channels ( two guitar and one vocal) since I send a stereo left/right for
guitar to JK.  Your Behringer is probably overkill for my situation. We are having trouble mixing in our JK sessions but I'm sure a mixer ahead of Jk would help that.
It's mainly that I have my guitar tracks occasionally hitting the first red bar in the input track ( as shown inside the JK app) and still others have trouble hearing me despite cranking me up in their personal mix.
They're probably going to have to raise their headphone monitoring volume and then lower others in the personal mix.
I'd have to weigh spending more money on a focusrite, Maudio etc, to gain a couple ms latency, but lose the potential of the HS-5 Roland Session Mixer in potentially doing Jamkazam with my grand-daughters since the HS-5 is a group headphone amp system ( they live next door)
I'd be interested to know if they are all setting their volumes properly before entering the session?  I suggest folks go into a solo session first and should set the grey volume button, and all their individual tracks at 0db first, then adjust their track gain controls on their audio interfaces so that their levels goto the top green level under "My Audio Tracks" in JK (while adjusting their headphone levels appropriately for volume at the same time).  This should set the balance between their voice and instrument levels correctly.  Then once in a session, if others are too loud or soft, adjust their personal mix.  I often find I need to set my levels in the personal mix lower to hear the others well, as I am hearing myself both audibly and through my headphones when in session.  Hope this helps...

Very helpful.  So first thing is make sure levels into your audio interface from gear are not too low or high, then in a JK session, make sure your input tracks and the overall Volume control are set at zero.    After that, note if your level being sent into JK is high enough but not peaking into the red.     There are some "gain" adjusters in the audio settings page under Manage, but I've never touched those.
Using Line 6 Helix or Roland Session Mixer as audio interface

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