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Occasional bursts of static on MacBook Pro built in headphones
Hi there,

I have never managed to solve a long-running problem where every few minutes, Jamkazam has a few seconds of "wobble" where my sound gets jumbled up like a "storm of static". It's worse if I set my sound setup's buffer below 2ms but it still happens at buffers up to 5ms.

I use a MacBook Pro (i7, 2018) with Existential Audio's Blackhole to feed sound in from GarageBand or MainStage, then default output to headphones via the built in sound card.

I've had a go at using my yeti mic's "output channel" as the output, which doesn't appear to suffer the same problem (but has a separate issue that the direct vocal feedback makes it hard to hear what's going on).

Any tips on stopping the Macbook's built-in sound misbehaving would be much appreciated!

Thank you
Just to share here in case anyone else has the same problems, I seem to have fixed this by creating a multi-output device in Audio-Midi setup combining Blackhole with the headphones. This seems to hold the input at a more stable 48kHz so doesn't drift. Because Essential Audio offer a 2ch and a 16ch blackhole install, I installed both and used one to send sound from MainStage to JamKazam, and the other to use in the multi-output audio device.

Hope that helps someone else enjoy crystal clear Jamkazamming!
That's a lot of configuring and I can appreciate the trouble we go through to achieve a good clear mix


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