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Q2n as External Camera...Help!
Greetings...New to JK! Have a Macbook Pro with 4 Thunderbolt (USB C) Ports! Would like to use Zoom Q2n as an external Camera! Usually have a Power Pack as Power Source plugged into the USB port on the Q2n! The Q2n also has an HDMI port below the USB port (Already being used for external power source) Wanting to know....can I use the HDMI port on Q2n (with adapter) plugged into the Thunderbolt ports on computer??? Will this show up on computer as an external camera...Will it work??? Will use only video and not audio of Q2n! Need to purchase an Audio Interface with 4 Inputs (Drums) also! Could use some advice on Interface with Low Latency also! Thnx in Advance!
I have the Q2n. I would use the USB interface and set the camera to WebCam mode when you power it one and it is connected to the Mac. In order to use the HDMI output, you would need an HDMI to thunderbolt video card (which will likely add delay). The camera will get its power through the USB from the computer.

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