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Wednesday Dec 9th 7-9pm EST - Problems Abound
Enough of trying to blame the user. The customer (and that's what we'll be soon) isn't always wrong.

I, my session members, and friends have all had many successful sessions over the preceding months at regular times in our regular households with our regular demands on our internet access without issue. Using the same equipment within the same scearious too ften as of late have resulted in bad experiences. These problems are not isolated and not infrequent.

If it is indeed the case (it isn't) that nobody's network setup is capable of running with JamKazam without a slew of restrictions then that is a different problem (for JK as well as us) completely - the system must be able to deal with common household topologies.

I am quite willing to bet that a vast majority of issues over the past couple of months are due to new audio and network schemes and features introduced by JamKazam. It is quite clear when things go to sh*t following a release. It's also quite clear when JK pushes out several releases within a matter of days, sometimes more than one a day, that some of those releases were problematic. SaaS/PaaS is a tricky place to operate but ultimately you must provide consistent and reliable service to customer.

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