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Wednesday Dec 9th 7-9pm EST - Problems Abound
All kinds of connection and audio issues in regular session with 4 participants. Crackling coming and going, volumes going in and out, audio dropping completely was experienced by each player at different times.

We were all using 256kbs and frame size of 2.5ms (we each turned up framesize from lower settings in the hope it would help). All network path settings were default.

JK at this moment is definitely not ready for primetime. Things had been better for the past couple of weeks but I'm afraid of what the remainder of this week holds after tonight's bad experience.

Am not going to be happy when I pay for this service and get a crappy experience like this.

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Wednesday Dec 9th 7-9pm EST - Problems Abound - by SammerJammer - 12-10-2020, 02:05 AM

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