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Request: Invite Friends window Sort. Profile lookup from Notification Pane
Hi, i also emailed the following request to support. Adding it hear as reference.

Hi JK Support.

Can you please make it so the Invite Friends window sorts A-Z? When inviting, it’s a hassle when scheduling or in a session and pulling friends in, they’re not where you expect them to be. It’s an unsorted/non-sortable list. Hopefully easy to do because I know you’re working on other stuff.

On a related note, for the Notifications sidebar pane; the Friends that populate there, the mouse-over does not bring up the Profile info. As it does in the Friends pane. Another hassle point to go to the Friends to view profile info.

Keep in mind the importance of both requests is because these features are heavily used while playing. The more time my hands are off the instrument to figure stuff out, the less I play. And, we don't want that.. do we? lol

Thanks for understanding

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