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Program cra$ng
I joined Jamkazam over a week ago and when I completed my initial set up my system failed. I then changed some audio setting for my audio interface including reducing the buffer and it passed. It didn't take long for the program to crash though and it kept cra$ng and is unusable to me as of now. I have read that there can be certain ASIO driver conflicts and I might have latency issues anyway since that was why my system failed in the first place. I have a windows 10 64 bit system with an Intel core i7-3770 processor, 16 gb memory with 15.9 usable and a 1 TB drive with 786 gb used. I did not connect over wifi I used a 25ft ethernet cable as my studio computer is a ways away from my router. My audio interface is UA Apollo with firewire but it is not in my studio, it is 15 ft from it so the firewire and usb connections are at least 15ft long. 

I'm wondering could I get this to work by bringing my computer into my studio and shortening the firewire cable? This is not a great solution for me as I chose to keep my tower out of my studio to lessen the noise from the computer fan. I could upgrade to thunderbolt but is that necessary? Could the UA ASIO driver be incompatibly?
Any other ideas?

I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

Last night My wife and I were watching a show on Netflix and it kept cra$ng, leaving the app and going to regular TV. After checking my internet speed and searching the web for a solution it occurred to me that just about everyone is at home on a Saturday night because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And people are mostly watching TV and streaming videos stressing their internet provider's limits. When I tried Jamkazam for the first time it was cra$ng or shutting down just like Netflix did. Maybe internet user overload is part of my original problem but I assume some of you out there are still using Jamkazam successfully. So does anybody know why they are able to use Jamkazam and not me based on the information I have provided? By the way my speed test showed my download speed was 106mps, Upload speed 10.5mps and latency 22ms.
I really don't know how this could work for anyone given the latency issues.

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