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Some Cool New Features Incorporated without Notice
The last couple of updates to Jamkazam have added some really nice features without announcement that I've seen. One of the old irritants was that if you are recording, you couldn't change a rhythm audio track without terminating the session. Then, you were pretty much stuck until all of the individual player files uploaded and downloaded. Not anymore. Now, you can not only close a recording without leaving the session, but you can load up a new rhythm track recording and start recording a different song. Pretty amazing.

The new "Keep WAVE Recordings" option in AudioBooster+ is really nice, too. It saves tracks from your session in 48KHz/24bit format in a folder labeled "WAV Files" in the same folder where all of the OGG files are stored from the session. No more converting from compressed files to WAV files if you want to mix your session results into a finished product.
T.W. Day
Minnesota, USA

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